Explosion Proof Monitoring Solutions for Oil Pipelines

Explosion Proof Monitoring Solutions for Oil Pipelines



Description of the oil pipeline business scenario
Equipment application scenarios
Station yard and valve chamber are important places for oil and gas transmission, gathering a large number of flammable and explosive gases, including gasoline can volatilize a large amount of steam under normal temperature, and the gas in the air will cause explosion in case of open fire when reaching a certain concentration. Therefore, explosion-proof cameras should be used in this area.

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Business scene
1. Current status of petrochemical pipelines
1.Oil and gas theft, man-made destruction

Oil and gas leakage and explosion caused by man-made damage to oil pipelines, resulting in huge losses of life and property; According to statistics, the average accident rate of oil and gas pipelines in China is 3 times / 1000 km · year, which is much higher than 0.5 times / 1000 km · year in the United States and 0.25 times / 1000 km · year in Europe. Malicious oil and gas pipeline theft is the main cause of 40% of oil and gas pipeline accidents in China.

2.Oil spills and pollution

Oil and gas leakage caused by man-made destruction, corrosion and natural disasters has caused serious asset losses. There is no real-time monitoring and timely treatment, resulting in environmental pollution, and the indirect economic losses are more difficult to calculate.

3.Illegal invasion and construction damage

Each station of the oil pipeline has important production facilities. Malicious invasion and destruction leads to oil and gas leakage, explosion and production paralysis, resulting in serious asset losses. Without real-time monitoring and timely treatment, it leads to environmental pollution, and the indirect economic losses are more difficult to calculate.
2.Equipment application scenarios
Explosion-proof camera requirements
——Explosion proof type

In areas 0, 1 and 2 of the oil pipeline, it has the characteristics of flammability and explosion, including that under normal temperature, the gas in the air of the site reaches a certain concentration and will cause explosion in case of open fire. Therefore, the explosion-proof requirements of the front-end system and transmission process in this field. The state stipulates that there shall be no open fire within 100m of natural gas, oil, diesel, gunpowder and explosives. Explosion proof cameras shall be strictly equipped according to different explosion-proof levels of cameras.

——Waterproof and dustproof, day and night monitoring

Industrial monitoring requires high performance of the camera. It implements 24-hour monitoring and is used outdoors. Therefore, it is suitable to use explosion-proof gun with high definition and low illumination.

——Large monitoring range

Cameras installed at entrances and exits, perimeter and open areas shall have wide vision, barrier free and wide monitoring range.

——Lightning protection type

The lightning protection and grounding of front-end equipment directly affect the safety and reliability of the whole project. The lightning protection principle is that all equipment should be installed within the protection range of lightning rod. The weakest link of the field monitoring system for lightning stroke is the power supply. It is very important to do a good job in power supply lightning protection. The key to power supply lightning protection is to do a good job in grounding. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust measures to local conditions according to specific terrain.

——Model selection

For the selection of the front-end camera of the video surveillance system, high-speed fastball, PTZ integrated camera, gun camera or a combination of the three are popular at present. The camera at the monitoring point is only selected by this girl according to the actual situation around the monitoring point and the focus of monitoring. The station valve chamber is in a dark environment, so it is necessary to use its own infrared camera.

——Infrared thermal imaging

In order to solve the defect that it is impossible to monitor in real time in foggy weather or over a long distance at night, an explosion-proof infrared thermal imaging camera can be selected, which can capture the temperature difference of the surrounding environment, convert it into video images after back-end processing, and support intrusion detection and abnormal temperature detection. It can play an early warning linkage function through video image analysis.

——intrusion alarm

The camera can realize intrusion alarm. When someone or vehicle enters the warning area, the monitoring screen will prompt the alarm information to remind the monitoring personnel to pay attention to the intrusion of suspicious targets. In the important dangerous areas of the finished oil depot, such as oil storage area, loading and unloading area, the camera is equipped with intrusion alarm to realize safety warning and advance warning.