why should we choose explosion proof cameras?

why should we choose explosion proof cameras?

why should we choose explosion proof cameras?

After knowing explosion proof cameras, many friends may have a doubt: why do we use explosion proof cameras? Do you have to use explosion-proof products? Can't ordinary cameras replace explosion-proof cameras? In this regard, we wants to say that all things have their own reasons. First of all, let's learn about the developing process of explosion-proof camera.

The initial demand for explosion prevention requirements for electrical equipment  of coal mines, for there are gases under coal mines, which cause explosion or combustion earsily.

With the development of industrialization, demandes for explosion-proof requirements of electrical equipment has expanded to various fields: Petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, navigation, aerospace, metallurgy, scientific research and military industry. The requirements are even greater and different,. In particular, the rapid development of global petrochemical industry has accelerated the development of explosion-proof industrial monitoring products, and a large number of electrical equipment are used in production.

The electrical equipment, safety equipment and lighting fixtures used will inevitably produce electric sparks, arcs and high temperatures that are allowed under normal circumstances. However, due to site conditions and other factors, the concentration of explosive mixture may continue to rise. When it reaches a certain concentration, it will be detonated by the ignition source - Electric sparks, arcs and high temperatures, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

During the process of experiment, production, processing, transportation and storage, many industrial enterprises or research departments such as petroleum, chemical industry, gunpowder and natural gas may often leak and spill all kinds of flammable and explosive gases, liquids and all kinds of dust and fibers. When these substances are mixed with air, they will become a mixture prone to explosion hazard, The places around it have also become explosion dangerous places to varying degrees. When the concentration of explosives reaches the critical point of explosion, once the explosion source appears, serious accidents such as explosion and fire will occur, resulting in casualties and property losses.

Therefore, cameras, electric PTZ, junction boxes and other equipment installed in hazardous areas used in these places must be explosion-proof; The electrical explosion-proof type can be divided into explosion-proof type, intrinsically safe type, pouring and sealing type and so on. At present, most explosion-proof cameras on the market adopt explosion-proof type, and explosion-proof is the most direct and economical explosion-proof type. Explosion proof high-speed monitoring equipment, such as explosion-proof junction box and explosion-proof ball, are also explosion-proof.

So in the industry mentioned above, do we have to use explosion-proof equipment in all links? The answer is No. In fact, as long as the front-end equipment selects high-level explosion-proof equipment to ensure safety to the greatest extent, the back-end problem doesn't matter.

What are the front-end devices? For example, explosion-proof camera, explosion-proof ball machine, explosion-proof junction box and other equipment must be installed on site, which belongs to the front-end equipment. The monitoring room can be set in the safety zone, so the equipment in the monitoring room can choose conventional equipment, which can effectively reduce the cost.

We still suggests that in high-risk environment, it is best to use explosion-proof products that meet national standards, which are safe, reliable and safe to use. STAN explosion camera is widely used in high-risk areas such as petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas and military industry. It is your assured choice.