Precautions for installation of explosion-proof camera

Precautions for installation of explosion-proof camera

Now, with the increasing demand for security in our society, more and more surveillance cameras are applied in all walks of life, contributing a great deal to our security. However, in some special places, such as chemical plants, gas stations and other places where inflammables and explosives are produced, ordinary cameras can not adapt to this environment. At this time, the explosion-proof camera appears in people's line of sight, and its installation has always been a bother. What are the precautions for installing explosion-proof cameras? Let's have a look!

1、 Wiring

Wiring can take appropriate lines, generally mainly to establish the original network foundation Especially for the video signal transmitted by wire, the most noteworthy thing is not to let the signal line transmit in the same direction as the high-power line, let alone put them in the same transmission line tube for the convenience of construction. Even if the two cannot be separated due to environmental constraints, it is necessary to ensure an interval of at least half a meter.

2、 Lighting environment

Explosion proof cameras may be afraid of backlight during installation. Side lighting is a good choice, but it is not always possible to install them in the position of side light. Therefore, sometimes the most taboo backlight irradiation is required. If the explosion-proof camera is used at night, in order to avoid reflection and shadow, lighting equipment is usually required. The explosion-proof camera is generally assisted by infrared light.

3、 High performance terminal

Under the illumination of strong light, the direct strong light is easy to make the explosion-proof camera difficult to locate the accurate image normally, so that the explosion-proof camera appears stripes in the monitoring image. Therefore, in any case, we should avoid the direct stimulation of strong light to the explosion-proof camera lens for a long time.

The above is the precautions for the installation of explosion-proof camera shared by Xiaobian. I hope it will be helpful to you.