What principles should be referred to in the monitoring planning of explosion-proof cameras

What principles should be referred to in the monitoring planning of explosion-proof cameras

As a kind of video screen inspection equipment, explosion-proof cameras need to refer to what principles for planning. Do you know? The editor of HongBo Yatai will give you the following analysis on this issue:

According to the characteristics of key areas, combined with existing monitoring points, and in accordance with actual combat needs, the planning ideas of "encirclement, supplement, connection, and integration" are proposed:

1. Encirclement: As the name implies, enclose the target area to form a closed circle.
One is to control all the intersections in and out of the market,
The second is to control all entrances and exits in the main urban area.
The third is to control the entrances and exits of local jurisdictions to ensure 100% effective coverage of main entrances and exits, so that any people, vehicles, objects, etc. entering and exiting can obtain clear images; strive to achieve effective coverage of all entrances and exits.

2. Connection: control all key parts, key places, and the entrances and exits around key parts, and combine the surrounding camera distribution to connect them in lines and circles according to the main roads in the urban area to form multiple interconnected closed circles to ensure multiple captures of movement Target.

3. Supplement: Supplement for various closed circles: ensure that the target must be able to achieve clear coverage when passing through the closed circles of each layer, and rationally plan the overlapped closed circles of each jurisdiction to avoid repeated construction and missing construction; for closed circles Internal replenishment points: mainly in the closed circle of the police station, re-establish monitoring points for the classified key units, key places, and key parts, especially for areas with high incidence of cases. Select the camera type to replenish the points according to the actual situation.

4. Combine: Integrate social resources and give full play to the auxiliary role of social resources in the prevention and control of public security. In particular, the video resources at the entrances and exits of closed key units should be fully utilized to form a powerful supplement to all levels of closed circles.