Precautions for the selection of explosion-proof monitoring equipment

Precautions for the selection of explosion-proof monitoring equipment

Because explosion-proof cameras can be used in places with relatively harsh environments, they have quickly become popular in gas station chemical plants, flour mills, coal mines and other fields. In order to make production safer, more and more engineering companies choose explosion-proof monitoring equipment to monitor daily production. So how to choose an explosion-proof camera? What should be paid attention to during the installation of explosion-proof cameras?
How to choose an explosion-proof camera:

   1. The alarm function, the self-check alarm of the explosion-proof camera is very important.
  The self-check alarm is an important guarantee for the stable mechanical performance and smooth operation of the explosion-proof camera. Some explosion-proof cameras also have an alarm port, which is connected to other alarm devices. When an abnormal situation is encountered, the alarm linkage function can be realized. If the explosion-proof camera lens is artificially blocked, it will also alarm to ensure smooth monitoring. For example, explosion-proof cameras are used in oil fields and mines with extreme environments. In winter, it may be minus 30C, and the pivot of the pan/tilt may be frozen. If the explosion-proof cameras do not have a self-check, they may stop working. so,

2. The most important thing in the selection of explosion-proof cameras is the complete set. In addition to the above two aspects, in order to enhance the environmental adaptability of explosion-proof cameras, it is usually necessary to add sunshades, heaters, filters, wipers, fans/semiconductor refrigeration devices, etc. Value-added accessories to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and the clarity of the monitoring screen.

   3. The current international mainstream method of explosion-proof cameras is explosion-proof type.

It is characterized in that the conventional ordinary camera is placed in a special shell, which has the function of isolating the sparks and arcs generated by the electrical components in the shell from the explosive mixture outside the shell, and can withstand the explosive mixture that enters the shell. The explosion pressure generated by sparks and arcs of electrical equipment when the shell is detonated, and the shell is not destroyed; at the same time, it can prevent the explosion products in the shell from transferring to the explosive mixture outside the shell, and will not cause the explosive mixture outside the shell to burn and explode. This kind of camera with a flameproof enclosure is a "flameproof explosion-proof camera". And this special enclosure is called "flameproof enclosure", we usually call it "flameproof camera protective cover".

   In this case, as long as the size is right, the engineer can freely choose the built-in camera and lens, and the cost is also reduced. For future maintenance, it is also much more convenient. The camera and lens can be removed by opening the cover when the power is turned off.