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Hangzhou Stan Technology Co., Ltd

About Stan Technology

Stan Technology Co., LTD is a company engaged in development, manufacturing and offering customization services of wide range of Explosion Proof and Anti-Correction Television, monitoring devices.

Explosion proof camera for industry hazardous area

Stan Technology is an industry-leading manufacturer and trader of explosion proof camera security systems for Extreme areas, like Hazardous Areas at Marine(with high corrosive salt), offshore, Oil & Gas and industrial locations (IIB and IIC). 

ATEX and IECEx certified products for international market

We're the prior manufacturer in China who get the ATEX, IECEx certification. Meeting the needs of the international market, we design and manufacture explosion proof cameras according to IEC international standards. We also get IEC Ex certified. Over the years, Stan Technology has developed a complete range of explosion proof surveillance systems, from the explosion proof camera, explosion proof box, explosion proof flexible tubes, explosion proof connector, explosion proof audio devices, etc.

Anti-correction camera

We also produce anti-corrosion cameras ,meet the WF2.C5-M anti-corrosion level.

Our Value

Innovation is our core value. The expert team continuously researches and develops first-class explosion proof technology. Our one-stop solution for complex applications in oil, gas and marine security areas is recognized by worldwide customers, Nearly 100 projects are being conducted annually from advisory to the end production. Plenty of success stories have been created by our outstanding team for different applications.